Foundation Projects


Major Projects

Kibera School

Elderly Food Program

Kakuma Refugee Host Community Classrooms

Otunga Center for Children

Other Projects

Grace School in the Kibera slums.  We educate 148 ECDE students and serve all children porridge and lunch.

Kimongo School – Serving 105 children in Bisil area.  We also serve all children  porridge and lunch.

Kakuma Classrooms –  Students in Turkana, Northern Kenya

Student Sponsorship Project –  additional children are sponsored to a variety of elementary and secondary schools.

Student Uniforms –  students are given uniforms in additional elementary and secondary schools.

Masai Adult Education Project – Masai women learn English, Swahili, counting

Periodic Health and Wellness Screenings – adults / children provided immunizations, prenatal care, de-worming, etc.

Emergency Food Relief –  currently 25 elderly, their children and grandchildren provided maize flour and rice due at times of  drought.  Total number served – 146.

Income Generating Activities – chicken coops, beadwork cooperative, goat project and 4-acre farm to sustain schools and food projects.

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