Foundation Projects

FoundationProjects-Boy Projects – In Short

Eluaai Maasai School – Serving 80 children in Bisil area.

Eluaai Maasai School Feeding Project – Serving porridge and lunch to the children

Bisil Maasai Pre-School – Serving 75 children in Bisil/Kajiado area.

Bisil  Maasai Feeding Project – Serving porridge and lunch to the 120 children.

Jitahidi School (Kibera Slum) Projects –Serving 259 children in Kibera slum.

Jitahidi School (Kibera Slum) Projects – Serving 259 children porridge and lunch in Kibera slum.

Kimongo School – Serving 69 children in Bisil area.

Kimongo School Feeding Project – Serving porridge and lunch to the children

Kakuma Classroom – 60 Students in Turkana, Northern Kenya

Student Sponsorship Project -  additional children are sponsored to a variety of elementary and secondary schools.

Student Uniforms –  children are given uniforms in additional elementary and secondary schools.

Masai Adult Education Project – mostly older Masai women learning English, Swahili, counting

Periodic Health and Wellness Screenings – adults / children provided immunizations, prenatal care, de-worming, etc.

Emergency Food Relief –  currently 25 widows, their children and grandchildren provided maize flour and rice due at times of  drought.

Income Generating Activities – three egg/chicken coops, beadwork cooperative, cow cooperative, chicken cooperative, goat project and 4-acre farm to sustain schools and food projects.

School Construction Projects – The Ed Colina Foundation constructs classrooms for the Bisl and Eluaai school community.  with the assistance of donors, the foundation completed construction of all classrooms in Bisil and continues to add one classroom per year at Eluaai.

Masai Adult Education Project – Seasonally, The Ed Colina Foundation conducts Adult Education Classes in coordination with the Athi River and Kenyan Ministries for Education.  There are many times when the women are not able to participate in classes, due to duties connected with herding goats and cattle.  English, Swahili and Mathematics classes as well as HIV/AIDS awareness sessions are conducted for over 75 Masai adults.

Health and Wellness Screenings – In January 2010, we began providing periodic medical screenings and assistance to the Masai community, especially to children and pregnant women.   Initially they were providing vaccines and immunizations to the newborns and very young.

Emergency Food Relief – There has been no adequate rain in Athi River for quite some time.  In fact, most of sub-Saharan Africa is undergoing a significant drought.  The Masai women and children of Athi River are left with no food, dying cattle and therefore no meat and milk.  The Ed Colina Foundation has made numerous emergency food drops for the most desperate cases.  Maize flour, porridge, rice, and powdered milk were delivered to the Athi River Masai.  This food has been delivered to the Masai communities but also to a group of Kamba widows who live in an adjacent community.

Income Generating Activities – Masai women are skilled at beadwork and raising goats.  To support these skills, the foundation provided seed money for the purchase of beads and materials to make traditional belts, necklaces and bracelets.  We are in search for markets for these crafts.  We also provided seed money for the purchase of 75 goats.  The sale of milk and kids (baby goats) will help the women purchase food, and pay educational fees.  There are other income-generating activities begun by the Foundation.  They include chicken coops and a small 4 acre farm to help provide food for the schools!  In Bisil we have cows and bees and a chicken/egg cooperative.

Jitahidi School (Kibera) Projects

The Ed Colina Foundation purchased new sweaters for the small school in the Kibera slum.  The Foundation constructed a latrine and renovated three classrooms to increase the numbers of children at the school.  Kibera is one of the largest slums in the world; home to over a million inhabitants living on one square mile of land.

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