Visiting the Elders Group

by Ed Colina on October 13, 2017

Today we traveled to meet the group of elders to whom we were giving food rations weekly. We wanted a chance to check on them and see their current needs and share a soda and some bread. Due to the rains months ago, most were able to harvest some maize and we were able to reduce our support. The women, and a couple men, were happy to be together once again and I was able to introduce them to our friend Will from California. Will stays in Kenya for two weeks, visiting our projects and enjoying Kenyan hospitality.
The septic tank is moving past ten feet but we have met some rock which has slowed progress. We would like 15 feet.

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Kenyan Healthcare

by Ed Colina on October 5, 2017

Today was a long but satisfying day, navigating the healthcare system in Machakos.   Our little girl MM was scheduled for an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doc in Machakos town.  MM was born 8 years ago with Cerebral Palsy (we think). She also had a cleft pallet and other septum issues.  For sure she was oxygen deprived at birth and some birth defects. She has vision problems, cannot support her weight or communicate

MM is close to nine years old but weighs only 11kg.  She should weigh at least 24. This morning we met mother and child at the local hospital, waited in line to be seen. We were sent by the ENT doctor for a CT scan and waited in line.  Then we also requested a chest x-ray, since you could hear pneumonia like fluid.  After getting all the films and another meeting with the ENT, we waited in line to see the nutritionist due to her failure to thrive.

The nutritionist did an evaluation and helped encourage MM’s mother to give her vitamin-rich foods but they would need to be smashed up.  She also gave mom some enriched porridge packets and plumpy-nut, the paste I had heard and seen so much given to starving children on TV.  Both of these are provided by USAID!

After taking mom and child for lunch and buying some of the recommended foods, we headed home with prescriptions for an antibiotic, antihistamine, cough syrup and a type of Tylenol.  What a challenge to communicate the dosages and time for all these medicines.

So we will see.  We have additional appointments in two weeks.  The nutritionist actually thought she should be admitted to the hospital but, we will do our best.

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On the Eve of The Feast of St. Francis – October 4th

October 3, 2017

Over ten years ago, I named our foundation Journey, not because of my affection for Steve Perry but because of quotes like this from Murray Bodo’s book on St. Francis of Assisi: “Both are important, The Journey and the Dream, The coming out and the entering in. Without the Journey The Dream is a futile […]

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Elders Visits

October 2, 2017

Mwololo and I traveled to visit two more from the elders group to see how they were doing.  We are checking to see if they were able to harvest some maize after the drought.  One woman suffers for HIV and some strokes and speech problems.  Another suffers from arthritis and various ailments.  Both women seem […]

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Morning Visit

September 27, 2017

Today Mwololo and I traveled in the outlying areas of Machakos County to revisit MM, a small girl with serious cognitive deficits as well as physical disabilities.  We have supported her and the family for a while now.  See past visit. She is not thriving as she should, eating little and only soft porridge or […]

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After 3 months – flying home tonight

April 2, 2017

I am spending a quiet Sunday, reflecting, packing and preparing for a midnight flight to the US.  I close things up for the months I’ll be away.  Store the clean clothes, sheets, towel, bed net, plates, cups and pans.  I really don’t have many items of my own to bring home.  Most clothes I have […]

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Drought and Water Issues

March 25, 2017

Today we packed the car and delivered food to our elderly and others in need.  Here is a sixty-second clip of the visit. We also passed by the farm to check out the field which has been planted with beans and mostly maize.  It has begun to germinate which means we have about two weeks […]

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Kibera School Video

March 15, 2017
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Home Visits – Two More Households Needing Food

March 9, 2017

Today we traveled high and low to locate two more elderly/handicapped in need of assistance with food during this period of drought.  Our hope is that once the rains come and our group is able to harvest, we can discontinue some of our emergency relief food distribution.  But until then, the numbers are growing.  They […]

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Beds Delivered on Saturday

March 4, 2017

One of the first home visits we did, when I first arrived in Kenya this trip, was to the house of an aging grandmother.  She had inherited one grand-daughter who is HIV positive and whose parents ran away.  She inherited another granddaughter and grandson when a different mother and father died.  All three grandchildren are […]

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