About Ed Colina

AboutEdColinaEd Colina has been involved in education for twenty-six years.  A graduate of St. Xavier High School – Class of ’72 and Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio he received a degree in Theology in 1976 and later a Masters in Education.  He began his teaching career in the inner city of Covington in Northern Kentucky.  After eleven years of teaching, Ed became an Elementary Supervisor for the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky.  Eleven years later he took on the administration of the largest Catholic elementary school in the diocese.  After completing 26 years of education-based work he left his job as administrator, sold his home in Northern Kentucky and began his work in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2007.

Traveling to Africa, Ed volunteered with a renowned organization and NGO Nyumbani.   Despite the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007, he completed a number of educational, agricultural and building projects in a remote area of Kitui, Kenya, living and working among the Kamba tribe.  With no fresh water, plumbing or electricity, he assisted the Nyumbani organization, begun by the late Jesuit priest Fr. Angelo D’Agostino S.J.  Nyumbani is committed to providing healthcare and educational opportunities for children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.  Nyumbani has three major programs which include: a home for 120 orphaned children with AIDS; an outreach program to thousands of AIDS-suffering children in six slums surrounding Nairobi; and the construction of a Kamba village for 1000 children and 250 grandparents (the remaining generations due to AIDS).  It is in this Nyumbani Village that Ed began his work in Kenya.

In February of 2008, Ed began his solo projects to aide poor Masai women and children living in Athi River, Kenya.  Supported by friends and relatives, former colleagues and school families, he took up residence adjacent to the Masai settlement and continues to live and oversee those projects today.  Ed has three adult children in the states; a daughter and two sons who, along with his mother, continue to support his work.

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