Elders Visits

by Ed Colina on October 2, 2017

Mwololo and I traveled to visit two more from the elders group to see how they were doing.  We are checking to see if they were able to harvest some maize after the drought.  One woman suffers for HIV and some strokes and speech problems.  Another suffers from arthritis and various ailments.  Both women seem to be coping well and were able to harvest some grain.  This will hold them for a month or two and we need not distribute food to them at this time.  We do provide enriched porridge to the woman who is HIV positive.

We then went to the farm to inspect the building materials delivered.  Each day we receive oe or two trucks of ballast, building rocks or sand.  The first order of business, after making some design changes with the builder, is to dig the septic tank.  This tank will hold water during the building process and then switch to be used as the septic tank when the buildings are complete.

We also checked out the cattle, eggs and chickens.  In all it was a good day.  Pictured on the left are some of the HAND-CUT stones to be used in building the center.  They are rough cut and delivered but will continue to be cut and shaped in the building process!  

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