Morning Visit

by Ed Colina on September 27, 2017

Today Mwololo and I traveled in the outlying areas of Machakos County to revisit MM, a small girl with serious cognitive deficits as well as physical disabilities.  We have supported her and the family for a while now.  See past visit. She is not thriving as she should, eating little and only soft porridge or liquids.  Her breathing remains labored. She is to receive periodic sessions of physical therapy at Machakos Hospital but missed the last appointment due to being sick.

While at the homestead, we discussed possibilities for some type of empowerment project to help the family (and MM particularly), since there is pump-able water nearby that could be brought closer for raising some tomatoes, etc.

We brought some bread, margarine, milk and treats.  More needs to be done and hence our desire to create a CENTER  to focus on the needs of physically and cognitively challenged children. More to come.

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