Drought and Water Issues

by Ed Colina on March 25, 2017

Today we packed the car and delivered food to our elderly and others in need. 

Here is a sixty-second clip of the visit.

5We also passed by the farm to check out the field which has been planted with beans and mostly maize.  It has begun to germinate which means we have about two weeks for any kind of rain, or else the fields will dry up again.  1We also dropped by the construction of the new warehouse which will hold the poshamill (grinds maize into flour) and huge mixer (to make chicken feed).  This replaces the original storage building that is in the way of a new road.

athiThere are six boreholes in and around my house that have dried up, due to lack of rains and the drought.  Hundreds line up with containers to buy water from the few places that still have it.  Water is rationed in Nairobi.  I have a borehole where I live in Athi but the water is salty and highly fluorinated. Mwololo gets me drinking water from his place so I am fine.  Others struggle. NEWSPAPER ARTICLE

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