Beds Delivered on Saturday

by Ed Colina on March 4, 2017

.5One of the first home visits we did, when I first arrived in Kenya this trip, was to the house of an aging grandmother.  She had inherited one grand-daughter who is HIV positive and whose parents ran away.  She inherited another granddaughter and grandson when a different mother and father died.  All three grandchildren are moving into their teen years. 3The grandmother has some health issues herself.  I have never seen her walk and she is unable to retrieve the food we give on Friday.  The conditions in the house were less than human and none of the three teenage children had a bed.  The girls slept on the floor and the boy slept in a chair in the front room.  No beds, no blankets and no nets. Check the picture above left.

2We had beds built and had them delivered to the house today by motorbike.  We brought the mattresses, bed nets and blankets.  We also talked a while and shared a soda and some bread.  5It took some time to assemble the handmade beds.  Pieces sometimes don’t slide together as they are supposed to.  We hung the bed nets and placed the beds and blankets in position for the night.  Hoping these young women and young man will sleep soundly tonight, maybe for the first time in a long time.

6Going forward, we will continue to give the household small amounts of food each Friday and some special enriched porridge for the one with HIV.  It was a good day.


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