Spicy Lentils

by Ed Colina on February 11, 2017

Dinner-1Yo Benson, am missing your cooking a little.  But today, since Mwololo is visiting his brilliant sons at high school, I had some time to clean my dusty room and cook.  Ed’s Spicy Lentils today, which are kind of like Ed’s Spicy Beans, Ed’s Spicy Rice, Ed’s Spicy Noodles . . . you get the point. You probably want to write this down.dinner-2

Brown 1 and ½ onions, add chopped baby chilies, 1 clove garlic, add two chopped tomatoes and cook together til mushy.  Add 1 cup dried Green Grams split and peeled (they cook faster).  These are commonly known as Mung Dal. Add about three cups of water and cook til soft.

dinner 3I added some Indian spices.  Can eat as is (with water nearby) or put over rice.  It made so much I’ll probably do both tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy.

Lest you think I am not eating well, yesterday I was treated to a feast by Susan and Raphael at Spurwing Travel and Tours in Karen.  Chicken, chips, veggies, watermelon!  Beautiful place and terrific people. http://www.spurwingkenya.com/

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