Rain and other things – Part 2

by Ed Colina on April 18, 2012

So last evening it rained. Torrential downpours, lightning, hail. It was good for us, good for the farm. But there was also tragedy. At about 8 o’clock, in the dark of night, no power for lights, a bus traveling down the hill from my room was taking workers to Athi River town from the nearby flower farm. There was rushing water that flooded the road around the slum. There has been some new construction that diverted the usual flow of that water. The bus went off the road and tipped onto its’ side, trapping nearly 100 people inside as the water flooded in. We have heard various numbers of dead – 3 to 6. Fifty were taken to a nearby hospital. I could hear screams from the road below – even when I was inside my house. It was a horrible sound. Other people in my estate were not able to get home, some being stuck in the mud as they tried to come home by way of a different route around the Masai manyattas.

Also flooded out were the houses in the slums, the ones we visited over Easter to get rabbits and the ones which have orphans (Noah and Daniel) we sponsor in school. Flood waters rose three to four feet in the houses.

This morning I was to travel to Nairobi and I knew that motorbikes couldn’t make it to my place so I walked miles and miles in the mud to the main road, then walked some more until I got picked up and bussed to town. Coming home in the afternoon, the water had subsided to the point that I could walk home past the slums and the bus accident. Parts of the road were actually dry! Crazy weather. Water comes quickly and goes just as quickly.

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