Rain and other things

by Ed Colina on April 17, 2012

The Masai are almost giddy with delight for the rain. Their cows will have grass soon and the women will be able to stop cutting dead weeds to feed the cows. But, like most things, the rain comes in extremes. I am sitting in the dark, power out for hours and the slum below my place is flooding.  The road I travel daily is covered with water and looks like a lake. There was some new construction near the slum and the building has diverted the water, slowing it and making it into the lake. Cars can’t pass and the people of means who live up by me, can’t get home past the slum. Interesting. Just a few hours ago, the dust was unbearable but then in an instant, rain, hail, wind. The other night there were frogs . . .no kidding, everywhere.

So I am in the dark, hearing mosquitoes but I can’t see them to smack them. We hear all of Nairobi is dark. I can hear the horns of trucks on Mombassa Road blowing loudly for some reason. And at 5am this morning, there was an earthquake, 4 point something. I’m supposed to go to Kibera tomorrow but if I can’t get out, I’ll just stay home or if there is big mud there.

We called the guys at our farm. Finally some rain. And  the new computer battery working great.

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