All You Need is rain

by Ed Colina on April 14, 2012

Patrick and New Bunny

There has been rain all around us but none here or at the farm! You can see black clouds swirling and hear thunder in the distance, but nothing materializes. So, today is another day we need to irrigate the newly planted maize and beans. It isn’t easy since we have to transfer water from one hole to another and then finally to the maize – uphill! But it is working and the crops have germinated and are sticking their heads up.

We checked out the work on the farm today as well as checked on the new rabbit, the third to be brought to the new hutch. She is pregnant too. So – won’t be long.

On Tuesday we pick up 300 completed beaded wire elephants for sale in the US. We have quite a menagerie of animals collected – lizards, frogs, giraffes and now elephants, my favorite. We will also begin collecting data sheets on all of our students to better track their progress and attendance.

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