New Two-Acres

by Ed Colina on April 9, 2012

Second Round of Planting

On Monday, Mwololo and I took the bike to see the added two acre plot of land we opened up in Ngelani. We will plant the fields with beans for our schools. All we need is rain. This also means hiring another shamba boy to tend the farm and help with the planting etc. On the way to Ngelani we were able to see the destruction of the land-grabbers’ shacks that we had heard about. Last week, Fred heard about 8-10 pick up trucks pass by his area loaded with what we we told were gangs of Mungiki thugs. They were hired by the true landowners to run the grabbers off the land. So in the middle of the night, Fred could hear shouting, honking and the metal structures being destroyed. There were hundreds of houses taken down. In previous weeks, the Mungiki not only destroyed the houses but killed many, burning houses and cars. On this occasion there were no injuries.  Click to enlarge photos.

Landgrabbers' Shacks Destroyed at Night

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