Back to Kenya

by Ed Colina on September 17, 2011

I fly back to Kenya on Monday morning. It is a long journey through NYC to London and then on to Nairobi. Because I fly standby to London, I give myself a day or two in London in case I get stuck in NY and can’t make my British Airways flight to Kenya. I buy a real ticket from London to Nairobi. I know London very well and it is a great break for me, especially on the way home. Last trip I had to bypass and overnight in London because there were no hotel rooms (that I could afford) because of the Wimbledon Tournament. 8 hours to London, 8 hours to Nairobi. I’ll arrive around 9:30pm in Kenya. Benson will pick me up at the airport because I am too afraid to travel by myself at night!

My own clothes and stuff fit into a small backpack but the donations of clothes, crayons and pencils and other school materials etc are packed into two other large suitcases. I get to drag them through London. One small box shipped (flat rate box) to Nairobi is about $60 so it is much cheaper to load the stuff in my luggage, just a pain dragging them around on and off the trains etc.

The guys I work with are looking for new shirts or pants, a used IPOD shuffle. I always bring some new socks and underwear for the gang. A little Christmas in September. It is fun.

Back home in Cincy, things are good. We have dinner with the kids and mom on Sunday. Then early Monday morning I drop Chris’s truck at airport parking and begin the wait to see if I get on a flight to NYC. Overnight in Brooklyn with a good friend, then fly out the next day to London….hopefully. I can’t wait and look forward to getting back to the routine in Athi River. My room is intact, and not been broken into. Only a thick layer of dust on everything. Mwololo will get my cooker filled with gas and I will be set up to make those scrumptious meals of rice and something. He writes that there is still no water at my place! No shower, no toilet flushing – it is a pain but could be worse.

Our projects each have issues (good and bad) to deal with. Kawethei has had tragedy after tragedy. A huge bus crash took the lives of many villagers. A recent slum explosion in Sinai killed another 17 villagers and relatives from Kawethei. Esarunoto Masai School is struggling without our support and is asking us to return and take over the operation. Bisil School is thriving. There have been two recent births of calves! Two cows were purchased with donations and each one gave birth! St. Henry high School in Erlanger gave us yet another donation for the construction of a new 2nd grade classroom. Construction begins soon!

I can’t wait to get back!

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